Song in Our Mind


I woke up this morning with a song from my past playing in vividly my head 

I got in my truck and turned up the song as I drove down the road ahead 

This song it brought back memories of a special time in my younger years 

Ever since that time years ago, this song, it’s been embedded in my ears 

What makes a song stay with us and return unexplained time to time 

And bring with it the vivid image of that special time and place in our mind 

We all have these songs that bring back visions every time that special one we hear 

Might be of that first date or that night making love on the beach with someone dear


The memories that are projected by that special song can never be explained 

When you combine a song and special time its etched forever there in your brain 

So just turn up the music and enjoy this magical ride traveling back into your past  

I just remember about how at that time, you wished that special time would forever last 

From My World to Yours, 

Bob Baker 

Eyes From the Heart

I saw a drawing and the effect on me at the time I was unaware

But the vision of what it said has since followed me everywhere

This piece of beautiful art wasn’t a Picasso masterpiece

Or from Salvador Dali or the Mona Lisa, not at all, don’t you see

This little drawing told a most valuable lesson of how to live our life

Without even a word written or spoken to me that night

But it resonated like nothing else and will change the way we live life it seems to me

The art work had our eyes connected to our heart instead of our brain you see

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Rain Like the Memories 

Staring from my porch watching the rain through the early morning light 

As it came down through the trees and the meadow was such a peaceful site


I couldn’t help but notice how the trees and grass suddenly were bright green 

With the dust of the dry hot days washed away and leaves left with a bright sheen 

The rain to trees and plants are the nourishment they need to flourish and survive 

Much like the love of a companion that provides drive and purpose to us in our life  

We all need that someone that like the rain gives us strength to grow and endure 

Through the dry times in our lives when our mind fills with dust and we feel insecure


Some of us are fortunate enough to have that someone always there at hand 

While others have seen theirs drift away like the desert’s blowing sand 

Whether yours is standing there with you today or just a precious memory of the past 

The effect like the rain has on the trees and grass the support and memories will forever last


From My World to Yours, 

Bob Baker 

Money on the Way

I went to the mailbox looking for some good news I thought would arrive today

I am waiting on my PCH million dollar winnings I might have won I heard the TV say

Now I don’t think the TV spokesman would be dishonest and lie to me

Because I ordered the magazine subscription that they presented to improve my chances, don’t you see

The email said I was a finalist and needed to watch the mail

I called the bank and told them to get ready for a surprise of which I cannot tell

I think I might go ahead and buy me a new boat or maybe even a new sports car

Because I feel for sure my check’s in the mail and by next week I’ll be living like a big time movie star

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Hard to Endure

Some go through life taking most things in stride
While others choose to live with humor and joy all wrapped up inside

I never understood why people choose to always be unhappy and sad
When it is just as easy to spend your time being thankful and glad

I look at each day as a blessing to cherish and hold
To look at life with laughter instead of bitter and cold

Not everything we touch in life goes according to plan
But we play the cards we are dealt and hope for a better hand

I’ve never seen a situation where a bad attitude helped you to win
But possibilities are endless with a light hearted outlook and grin

So I will close my eyes tonight and be thankful for the joy in my life
While others will lay awake fighting drama and sorrow under the bedside light

When the morning sun arises again the choice will be yours
Wake up cheerful and happy or face a day hard to endure

From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker

   Roadside Cross



While driving down this lonely backwoods road today

I came upon a pitiful site there in the left side right of way

A lady was sitting on an old homemade pink wooden bench

Just staring at the faded flowers and cross next to the trench

The bench it was flacking, and paint it was severely worn

The flowers were all faded and ribbon, it was all frayed and torn

I couldn’t help but think to myself how long it had been in place

Or how many times in her life she had come to visit this same space

Was it a child that was lost in a tragic accident or someone else that she loved

Did she come here everyday of her life to ask why of the Lord above

Maybe it was just her quite place that gave her hope and solemn peace

Just sitting under the oak tree staring at faded flowers of blue and green

We all have our special way of dealing with tragedy that we don’t understand

Hers was talking to the faded flowers and roadside cross that behind them stands

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

New Year is Here

The New Year is now upon us, another has come and gone 

As I sit and look over the hillside at this first New Year dawn 

The one thing that stands out at me is nothing much has changed 

The trees all look the same and brush hasn’t been rearranged 

Why does everyone get so excited about this day I dare question 

People go out and drink too much then wake sick with indigestion  

Now if when New Year arrived it made my debts or problems go away 

I would be the first to dance with drink in hand and guzzle it away 

Unfortunately that doesn’t happen, and my life will go on just the same 

And I won’t make resolutions about things and habits that I’ll never change 

So I will start the first day of this year the same as years in the past 

And pray that I just make it all the way through until this year’s last 

From My World to Yours, 

Bob Baker 

Oh No What Shall I Do


I was folding clothes from the dryer just now 

When something hit me that is a major problem for me somehow 

Just then I suddenly noticed something was just not the same 

All of my underwear and socks were old with holes and that’s such a shame  

No new socks and underwear for Christmas, I just don’t understand 

I didn’t even get a single damn pair out of Santa Clause’s hand 

Now I have two choices to deal with in my simple life 

Go buy some myself or maybe I can ask a favor of my wife 

I don’t know where you actually buy these things since there was never a need to know 

Since for Christmas each and every year I knew I was always good to go 

Well, guess I’ll put on a pair of socks a hole in the toe and drawers with a hole in the ass 

And go to Walmart or Target and stock up for myself and better do it real fast  

From My World to Yours, 

Bob Baker 

Exercise He Said 

So, the other day the Doctor told me I need to exercise some more 

But I really find exercising every day to be such a terrible bore 

So I asked the good Doctor what did he personally recommend 

And he said for me to ride a bike, walk or maybe start to swim 

I started my search for something that was of interest to me 

It couldn’t be real hard or hot and make me sweat don’t you see 

If I decided to swim at the Y people probably have peed in the pool 

And if I put on speedo people would laugh and I’d look like a pervert or fool 

No, swimming I don’t see working for me or very good fit 

But walking may be OK, hell I can stop and take a rest every little bit 


Then I started thinking about maybe buying me one of these fancy new bikes  

That seems like something fun and not too hard to do that I might really like

So I bought me a bike and one of those outfits with a helmet and tight-fitting shorts 

And took off looking good in my shorts for a long ride around the town lake shore 

You know this exercise stuff, if my crotch doesn’t chafe it ain’t all that damn bad 

But if the battery on this electric bike dies and I have to pedal I will be extremely mad 

From My World to Yours, 

Bob Baker 

Morning Landscape

Gazing over the meadow with the morning dew around

Taking in the peacefulness of morning without a single sound

There is nothing more relaxing to me than watching the sun arise

Whether the morning sky is blue or the clouds the sun it hides

Some of awake each day to the view of mountains or an open field

While others start their day surrounded by buildings of brick and steel

I have awaken on a mountain stream, country meadow and on Time Square

And to me it doesn’t matter where you are morning is peaceful everywhere

I never can seem to get enough of the morning air at the peak of dawn

And the view of this meadow that will come to life when the dew is gone

Some go to a relaxing spa to help their daily problems fade and to escape

But to me the time I cleanse my mind is gazing at a peaceful morning landscape

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

   What the Hell is a Pronoun


I was with a group of people just the other day

When I was told by someone there be careful what you say

You see some people today are offended if you use the wrong word or term

They will get real mad and cry if you disagree with what they learned

They say you must use certain pronouns to fit in with society today

That can be a problem since I don’t know what pronoun I can say

You see I wasn’t that good in school and English that’s for sure

So I’m not sure what a pronoun does and a lesson I can’t endure

I really don’t understand why people today always get so upset

They act like little children when offended and break out in a sweat

So, all I have to say to this is If I use the wrong pronoun and you I offend

Grow up and get a life, because I really don’t care and won’t until the end

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Not About the Meal

As I sit here this morning in the comfort of my home
Just watching the news tell me about what is going on

They are talking about a tragic shooting in another state
And about how some are claiming racism on this special day

I don’t see Thanksgiving as a day for politics or a big political fight
Just as a special day for us all to be thankful for all the things in our life

To me it’s not a day to be thankful for that boat or that new car
But a day to give thanks for those special memories you’ve had in life so far

The memories of fun times with family and friends you’ve had along the way
The roof over your head that keep the cold and rain off of you today

It’s about giving thanks to the people on the front protecting our way of life
So you and I can enjoy our daily life and sleep in peace tonight

It’s about our founding fathers who fought and sacrificed life and limb
To create a land of freedom and never gave up even when things were grim

Yes Thanksgiving to me is one of my favorite days and it’s not about the meal
It’s about how we enjoy life with family in a country that is the greatest still

From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker

Once Again

The weather was cool I remember, and fall was in the air

Our friends were all gathered, and flowers were everywhere

The church bells were ringing and requested songs were being sung

As she appeared through the open door, I knew she was the one

That was so many years ago now, but my, have they gone by so fast

Just two young kids joining in union, how could this thing ever last

We had no money and hand me down furniture is what was in our house

Eating supper at folding card table and then we just cuddled on the couch

Then life began to move faster with jobs and bills that had to be paid

But as we grew older and learned each other we began to find our way

One day our daughter joined the circus that was our home it seemed

And life for us it then changed, and it was as we always dreamed

Our daughter got married and moved on into a life of her own

And we had to adjust again and learn to live just the two of us alone

Now here we are after all these years with all our aches and pains

Sitting here but on a different couch and still cuddling once again

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Election is Over


The elections they are now over, and ballots have all been checked

We can all get back to our daily life and if not happy, well what the heck

If you aren’t happy with what we got don’t worry, you can try again in 2 years

Hell, the news is already talking about the next election enough to hurt my ears

I’m not sure what will happen in DC since it’s not yet all black and white

But if we are lucky parties will share control and spend their time in a fight

The best thing about Washington shared control is nothing will ever get done

Because the two parties will never agree on anything and new laws, they won’t pass one

So just sit back, relax, and ride it out and to those who voted different don’t be so mad

Because they’ll give you someone to blame it on, when you think things are going bad

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker    

Weathered and Frail


Today I was in search of a certain old picture, all to no avail

But came upon a very special picture of something weathered and frail

It wasn’t an old baseball mitt or old worn-out football shoes

And not anything of value that anyone of us would ever use

It was something that looked rough and had seen it’s share of hard times

To just look at them you would never know that they had such a hard climb

No, these rough little things had fought a hard life that most could never bear

They had experienced some dire hardships but to family, they always were there

There were times they were there open with love for us kids to hold on

And others to point the right direction when we did something wrong

Through life these two weathered little hands had carried such a big demanding load

And I’ll always cherish that picture of my mother’s little hands the day she let life go

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

  Front Porch


I always love to drive slow though these little southern towns

And I always turn off the main street and just wonder around

There are lots of homes with front porches with two rocking chairs there

They all look so warm and inviting, like saying come sit and visit me here

You don’t see many houses built with front porches these days

The days of sitting on the front porch seem to have all gone away

My Mom was always on her porch, seemed like from morning till night

When you would ride by and see her there you knew she was alright

At some point front porches gave way to backyards surrounded by fence

People became more private and around neighbors and uptight and tense

Times they have changed now, the neighbors we don’t know or even care

Yes, I think we would all be better off with a front porch with two rocking chairs

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker


I just heard something said that really hit home with me

It made me stop and think of what life’s all about you see

Our life shouldn’t be about a big home, a boat or new car

It should be about memories both common and the bazaar

Life is about the times we spend with our family and friends

Memories made of special times, we remember till the end

The first Christmas with your newborn or last with your Mom

Flying a kite in the rain with your new love on the college lawn

Yes, these are the things that make life fun and fulfilled

The memories of times past that always gave us a thrill  

So, as you move through your days and your life it moves on

Remember to cherish those special moments as you move along

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

 Chicken Sandwich Trance


Sitting at the traffic light on my way to Walmart at noon today

I looked at something amazing that seems to happen everyday

It is not a traveling side show or amazing structure well designed

It isn’t anything that can be rationally explained by any human mind

No this is something that every time I pass in my mind I cannot grasp

People seem to be possessed or maybe even attached there by a clasp

My wife and daughter are among the masses that are driven to this dance

It’s almost like this place has the power to place people in a hunger trance

Cars they line up around this place in two lines like a hundred in a row

Must be some hidden power that sucks you in and will not let you go

They say it’s all for a piece of chicken placed between two pieces of bread

But for me the line at Chick Fillet is to long so I’ll eat my Bologna instead

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

Groves Have Gone Away

Leaving town this morning something jumped out in my mind
About how things have changed and old times, just got left behind

When I was just a young boy growing up in the Florida sand
There were not all these houses and condos scattered all over this land

There were vast beautiful orange groves from the east coast to the west
Tangerines and Florida navels growing everywhere, oh they were the best

We grew up running through the groves and eating oranges sitting in the trees

Even used to go parking with our girlfriends in the grove in the midnight breeze

Then one day it happened and the mouse landed here in town
Then before we knew it the orange groves they were all mowed down

Houses, motels and condos were now popping up everywhere
And amusement parks now take the place of groves that once were there

It’s sad to see how our state has changed and our heritage it’s now gone

Florida is now just a tourist state and farmers they have all moved on

I know in my heart that progress is something that we can never stop

But it would be nice to see an orange grove instead of a T-Shirt shop

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

October 23rd


October 23,2003 is a day that will be forever etched there in my mind

It’s the day my life changed forever, and my old life was left behind

No, it wasn’t my wedding day or even the birthday of my only child

It was the day I was told I had cancer, and sadly it was running wild

My situation as I was told was not good and chances they were slim

But I had a wife and daughter there at home, so this fight I had to win

The treatments were tough and sometimes extremely hard to even bear

But the promise I made to my family was for them I would always be there

Many years have now come and gone and I’m healthy as can be

I tell people that looking back, it was the best thing that ever happened to me

You see, I’m a different man today than I was before this tragic event

I learned how precious life is and what love from family really meant

I look at life’s little things different now than most other people I suppose

Because I had the experience of facing death as it came extremely close

I now live one day at a time and don’t let daily problems drag me down

Because I’ve learned that if you focus to much on them, you will surely drown

So, when you go out today and face the world try thinking only about today

And forget about what you can’t control and most problems might just fade away

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker