Surely Miss It All

I was thinking about the life that the kids live today

With video games, cell phones and not going out to play


They have no reason anymore to hang on the telephone

The way we did for hours when our parents weren’t at home


If they want to breakup with a girl they just send her a short text

They don’t even talk about whose fault it was or try for makeup sex


They don’t run out of gas and have their friends push the car home

Now they just call Mom and Dad’s motor club on their new I- phone


They don’t know what it’s like to work a job each day after school

And earn their own money to pay for their own car and their fuel


They will never sit under a shade tree in summer with an RC and Moon Pie

Now they all go to McDonald’s drive thru for a Latte and some fries


They have no school pride or spirit it seems like anymore

The way we did on Friday nights at dances on the gym floor


We could not wait for summer and for school again in the fall

Now they’re all being home schooled and will surely miss this all


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker

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