Riding Out The Storm

When all of us in Florida wake up for a new summer day

As we drink our morning coffee before we go on our way


We turn on the news and to see what the weather has in store

You can bet the weather man will say the same as the day before


The summer weather here in Florida is the same most every day

It will be hot maybe 100 then mid afternoon rain comes our way


The humidity here is treacherous and can be very hard to bear

So we wear something loose and cool and if it’s real hot no underwear


By evening the temperature is falling to something we can all stand

Allowing you to sit on your porch with a cold beer and a fan


But a few times every summer things tend to get exciting I must say

That’s when the weather man says a hurricane is coming straight our way


We run out to buy beer and Vienna sausage and all the batteries in the store

Then we all get together and eat and drink while just riding out the storm


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker

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