Facebook It Must Be True

While eating my lunch today I was looking at my phone

I wasn’t reading news or email I was in that Facebook zone


What has happened to people and the way that we tend to think

When we can’t put our phone and Facebook down even while we eat


You look around a restaurant and everyone’s the same

They are no longer talking with each other and that’s a total shame


You see people driving down the road not looking out ahead

Because they are busy checking Facebook to see what someone said


I believe for Facebook some people would sell their very soul

Like an addiction in their life Facebook has complete control


Then you have the people that devourer every Facebook post

And totally ignore people and things in life that really matter most


It seems we all know people that are friends of me and you

That sadly live life thinking if it’s on Facebook it must be true


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker

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