The Day We Lost Dad

Most of the time our days go through just like the last

But we all have days that were much different in our past


Some of those days were fun and full of cheer

While others in our life were full of sadness or fear


What must have gone though the mind of my Mother

When she lived through a terrifying day like no other


That was the day she was told my father was dead

She had to have been terrified of what lied ahead


She was only a young mother with six kids to feed

How would she provide for the things six kids need


She thought her life through and put aside the sorrow she felt

And said I must get to work and play the cards I was dealt


My Mom she was fighter and refused to ever quit

Raising six small children while never complaining one bit


She conquered sorrow that would have devastated most I am glad

And she became a true hero and fighter the day we lost Dad


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker

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