Mabry Mill

The old cedar shingles are weathered from storms

The old wood lap siding is all buckled and worn


The water wheel is still turning from water upstream

The trees and grass at the mill are so lush and so green


As I sit here beside this Virginia old country road

And think back through times that were so long ago


How hard these people worked and the struggles and strife

All they ever wanted was to provide their children a better life


I’m sure as they worked all day grinding the grain

The thought of erasing history never entered their brain


Monuments of this Appalachian life surely needs to be preserved

Like all other monuments of our history that our children deserve


If we destroy all things that reflect our past at the whim of one’s will

Our children will never enjoy a moment like this sitting at Mabry Mill


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker


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