Meet Their Fate

What gets into people that drive them to riot out in the street

I’ll never understand how people find it right to loot, steal and cheat


They come out of the darkness wearing masks to hide their face

Hurting the innocent and destroying property while Police are giving chase


If you are proud of what you stand for then why hide your face in shame

If you believe in what you fight for you should want to share your name


These people that are rioting are no more than worthless low life thugs

Stealing honest people’s property so they can buy more guns and drugs


The sad thing is there are people who blame this behavior on you and me

They say we are all racist and this behavior is because we treat them mean


I think that the reason is not with you and me but they are just people full of hate

And hopefully on a dark street rioting a fed up citizen will help them meet their fate


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker

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