This Morning

As I drink my coffee and wait for the sun to rise on this new day

And quietly read through the news seeing what they have to say


It’s really very dishearting there is nothing at all good to read

Just bickering about politics and statues nothing we really need


It seems like with things in the world in such a screwed up mess

The news could find something worthwhile in research to address


There is turmoil in foreign countries and starvation in other lands

Threats of nuclear war upon us just riding in a lunatic’s hands


Taxes are high and climbing to the point of no return

But no one cares to discuss this as if it’s of no concern


But the things that drive a fit of anger in the unstable and insecure

You can bet will be on the front page of the news you can rest assured


So if you want to have a nice day, be in a good mood and not be so depressed

Just turn off the news and crank up the music this morning as you get dressed


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker

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