Good Old Days

Forty Five years have just come and gone it seems like way to fast

It seems like only yesterday that we were laughing and cutting up in class


Some of us now no longer work and are just living our life as planned

While others have been fighting problems more than most of us could stand


Some of us have fought illness and watched loved ones not make it through

While others spent their time working out in the gym maybe even took Kung Fu


Some of us like to camp and enjoy life in the great outdoors

While others like to spend their time at the mall shopping in the stores


I loved to see the smiles on faces that through life have never died

We talked about stupid things we did and I laughed until I cried


It seems we have all gone on with our lives and drifted different ways

But when we got together it still seemed like the GOOD OLD DAYS


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker


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