Grow Old With Me

When I first saw you walking down by the lake

I knew in an instant my heart was yours to take


It was only a short time before our lives became one

We have since spent our years through hard times and fun


Now with us both the years might be starting to show

We don’t run so fast anymore and get up a little slow


We have raised our family and she is now on her own

So we are here in this two story house you and I all alone


As we are now entering into the next chapter of our life

We will begin to rely more on each other as husband and wife


We still have a lot of years left to have fun and enjoy what we do

Whether it be doing some traveling or just sitting on the porch with you


The coming years will surely slow us down to a certain degree

But I hope through it all you will be there to grow old with me


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker

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