Old Plywood Tree House

The other day I took a moment just to walk through the woods

Where we played when young and where our tree house once stood


It seemed the moss covered oaks were not as majestic as they once were

And the wooded area thick with palmettos not as overwhelming for sure


There were still rotten remnants of our favorite place to play

The tree house where we spent hours throughout summer days


The tree house is where we hid from imaginary panthers and bears

With our BB guns and bow and arrows we were always safe there


This tree house is where we learned the all the important lessons of life

About how babies are made and what happens between a husband and wife


This was our sanctuary where only our gang held secret membership

Where we tried a cigarette, beer and got sick from Grandpa’s tobacco dip


True lessons in life I learned that made me a better father and spouse

Were not learned at school or in church but in that Old Plywood Tree House


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker

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