If Only For A Day


If you found a Jeannie in a bottle washed up on the shore today

Then the Jeannie asked what you wanted, what is it you would say


Would you ask for a million dollars or maybe a brand new car

Maybe it would be a ride into space and visit a distant star


For me it would be something simple and not cost a single dime

It would be a day on the porch talking with Momma just one more time


We could talk about the traffic or how the market has climbed

Maybe she would tell me about the new recipe for her pecan pie


Then she would tell me about what Dr. Phil said to folks today

And then we would talk about the neighbors and who passed away


She would then go to the kitchen and open her fully stocked freezer door

Saying take this fish home for supper and you won’t need to stop at the store


No my wish from a Jeannie wouldn’t be for money or penthouse with a valet

It would be sitting and  rocking with Momma on the porch if only for a day


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker


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