Weathered and Frail


Today I was in search of a certain old picture, all to no avail

But came upon a very special picture of something weathered and frail

It wasn’t an old baseball mitt or old worn-out football shoes

And not anything of value that anyone of us would ever use

It was something that looked rough and had seen it’s share of hard times

To just look at them you would never know that they had such a hard climb

No, these rough little things had fought a hard life that most could never bear

They had experienced some dire hardships but to family, they always were there

There were times they were there open with love for us kids to hold on

And others to point the right direction when we did something wrong

Through life these two weathered little hands had carried such a big demanding load

And I’ll always cherish that picture of my mother’s little hands the day she let life go

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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