Day We Fear May Be Very Near

This ordinary beautiful autumn day started just like every other

I was doing my business and it was the birthday of my mother


I will never forget how in an instant my life changed that day

As I sat in disbelief listening to what the Dr. had to say


He told me things were dreadful with not a moment left to spare

I will never forget how blue the sky was as I walked out of there


I sat in the car there all alone and just pondered over things in my life

Just thinking what was going to happen to my daughter and my wife


The hardest thing I ever did was to sit there and give them the news

To tell them what the Dr said and the choices from which to choose


I made the choice that day I would fight this battle and refuse to lose

And I would be for my daughter’s graduation no matter what I had to do


My daughter’s graduation day has long since come and gone

But I still fight my battle in my mind and I will from now on


We each have our battles in life that we fight each and every day

But as we fight these wars in life we get stronger in our own way


So when you get up today and think your life plans are clear

Always remember that the day you fear may be very near


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker



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