When the Little One Had to Leave


You wake up one morning with a new member in the house
Until this time came upon you it was just you and your spouse

Your life changed dramatically on that exciting day
For the next many years this young thing was there to stay

Then all of a sudden one day things begin to change
When your most prized possession had to leave the range

They are grown up now and you know that you did all you could 
But still you sadly watch while they walk out the door for good

You know down in your heart it is time for them to go
And you try your very best for your sadness not to show

As they leave you and move to the next step of their life
You will never stop missing them no matter how you try

On this hardest day of your life while you find it hard to breathe
You find yourself so proud but so sad that your little one had to leave

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker


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