Smell of A Brand New Car

While at the car dealer following my wife’s bad luck

I decide to walk over and sit inside of a brand new truck


Then all of a sudden it hit me just like a ton of brick

Something you and I can’t duplicate and I did not predict


It attacked my brain just as though I was craving an addictive drug

I couldn’t resist and no matter how I tried I couldn’t pull the plug


I fought the urge with everything inch of strength that I had

It was like a conspiracy or like I was possessed it was just that bad


I gave into the urge and sprinted onto that showroom floor

I tried my very best but I just couldn’t fight it anymore


Scientists have tried to recreate this smell over the world near and far

But no one has been able to duplicate the SMELL OF A BRAND NEW CAR


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker

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