Growing Up In My Small Town 

Life was simple and times they were fun

Summer days in the lake to beat the heat and sun


Cut off blue jeans and no shoes were ever worn

We would just use our knife if we stepped on a thorn


Saturdays we all rode downtown on our bikes

Eating ice cream and watching a movie we liked


After supper kids washed dishes and watched TV together

With only 3 channels we just had to watch whatever


Curfew by parents when on a date Saturday Night

Were all firmly set for the stroke of midnight


No stores open Wednesday afternoon or Sunday at the time

And nowhere on Sunday could you buy beer or wine


Friday night football games were the event of the week

To all of us kids the players were true heroes I think


The parents they knew all of the kids coming around

Life sure was great growing up in my small town


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker

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