Preaching With The Serpent (SNAKES)

Sunday while driving in eastern Kentucky

I was down in the dumps when I got lucky


There on my left was a little country church

With a bunch of cars and trucks all covered in dirt


Then I said to myself this looks like a great place

I’ll find me a seat in a pew that has a space


Then the preacher took the stage and he began to roar

About how we’re sinners and will burn in hell ever more


He then picked up a bucket and swung it at the crowd

And people started chanting and crying out loud


There were snakes all flying across those church pews

I’m not sure how many but I guarantee a 100 or two


A lady caught one flying at us and thank God she didn’t miss

Then looked straight in it’s eyes and gave it a big ole kiss


I decided it was time to go and run toward the door

But when I looked down snakes were all over the floor


My legs began to tremble and I had nowhere to run

But I knew I to get out cause kissing snakes ain’t fun


I jumped from pew to pew until at last I was out the door

I can say without a doubt I ain’t going to that snake church no more


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker


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