The Lonely  Trucker

As we travel down the highway we see them everyday

Sometimes we flash our lights to move them out of the way


These are the truckers than move everything we need to buy

And without these tireless heroes of the road we could not get by


Everything we eat or drink and on the bed at night we lie

At some point it was on a truck traveling through the night


The trucker is always away from their family and their friends

Hauling everything we need from our food to a Mercedes Benz


They travel through the rain and snow seven days a week

They have to deliver their load on time sometimes with little sleep


While most of us go home at 5 eat and then sit down and relax

The truckers are waiting to get loaded for the that long haul going back


Christmas Day while you’re at home with your spouse and your kids

Some lonely trucker is behind the wheel wishing he was home with his


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker

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