Hurricane Weatherman

The big blow is now on the radar and heading our way

TV news only talking hurricane stuff and nothing more today


There is always one way to tell how bad things out there really are

And it is not determined by studying the moon the sun or stars


The only sure way to tell how bad the weather is to become

Is by the stage of the shirt tie and suit worn on TV by some


You can tell how bad things are getting by the weatherman’s clothes

As weather gets bad why their wardrobe changes nobody knows


It all starts slow as you see them all removing their suit coat

Then as things begin to get worse they loosen their tie from their throat


The next step of the weatherman shirt plan is when things really get bad

Their sleeves are rolled up and wrinkled and they look fighting mad


You don’t have to even hear them saying when to execute your storm plan

You just need to check time to time on the shirt status of the hurricane weatherman


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker


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