Calm After The Storm

The tensions rise rapidly on the days leading up to the fierce storm

People rushing all the stores for food and gas like bees in a swarm


With no one knowing for sure just where the fierce storm would land

The only thing for sure is everyone’s hope was this killer would disband


Our wishes were not honored and the storm’s damage was severe and real

Power and food were non existent therefore you had to hunt hard for a meal


Generators were making electricity at homes throughout the state

But as everyone found out without gasoline electricity it could not make


People spent their days seeking gas and food for their family to eat

And at night sleeping as best they could in the sweltering Florida heat


One group of heroes were the linemen working tirelessly nonstop day and night

Bless God for Law Enforcement risking life while keeping things out there right


While we all saw a few bad apples taking advantage of others hard times

Their day will come when they have to answer severely for their life of crimes


So now that things are getting back to everyday life and things back to the norm

We can all sit back and grab a cold beer and enjoy the calm after the storm


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker

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