Little Buddy and Me

He lays there on the couch with me just as close as he can get

Then the door bell rings and he is off to the door just like a flying jet


Back to his perch where he watches squirrels play through the glass back door

His little cloudy eyes are gazing around but don’t see that well anymore


His little teeth have never been quite straight as they should be

The missing hair that comes and goes is such a mystery to me


During days of his younger life he was our daughter’s precious pet

He would play in dress up clothes and sleep with her from the day they first met


Our daughter is now all grown up and from our home had to move away

So our little buddy is content with his mom and I with him everyday


He has a little separation issue that when he can’t see you he begins to cry

But when you step back in the room he looks at you and lets out a loving sigh


He can no longer jump up on the bed or couch and is getting older I can see

But he still loves his Sunday Dairy Queen ride with Mom, Little Buddy and Me


From My World To Yours.

Bob Baker

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