Only In The USA

They think it proves something by not standing in honor of our flag

But this type of behavior does nothing but make a decent person gag


They say that the country is treating them wrong and things they must change

But it’s not the country’s fault families have become dysfunctional and estranged


You have kids out in the world with no father that they will ever know

They have mothers that do not care where they are or where at night they go


They roam the streets without supervision which only leads down a path of no return

So they end up with the wrong group that teach them to rob, steal and burn


They go through youth with no guidance and have nowhere to turn

Which leads to a life of crime or public assistance because that’s all they’ve learned


Before you blame our country for all of your disappointments and your woes

Take a look in the mirror and the real reason for your problems will surely show


So quit blaming society for your bad decisions is all I have to say

Because the truth is you can become what you choose only in the USA


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker



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