Night at The Fair

The sun is setting and a soft breeze is blowing in the early night air

The smell of corn dogs and funnel cakes are drifting everywhere


Rock music plays threw speakers throughout the whole Midway

Neon lights are flashing bright blue, green and red of every shade


The screams and laughter of children having the time of their life

People from every walk of life forgetting about their problems and strife


For just a few hours each year communities come together as one

To see the pigs, chickens and cows kids raised for learning and for fun


Rides are neatly placed among the side shows and carnival games of chance

There on the stage under the big white tent is where bands play and people dance


You win a stuffed bear for your girl friend and she kisses you right then and there

I have to say without a doubt there is nothing quite like the annual county fair


From My World To Yours,

Bob Baker







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