Baby Jesus lies there in the manger peaceful,quite and still

Wise men and sheep placed around as keeping off the chill


In the corner it stands there majestic with ornaments for all to see

Is our lovely decorated and covered with lights majestic Christmas tree


Everywhere you look around our house shows it is the season

It may be Santa Clause or Baby Jesus it’s all there for a reason


Christmas carols play softly throughout the day and throughout the night

And everywhere whether inside or out Christmas is there in site


Our family is all together in our home though sadly for just a short while

But through this special holiday time it will be full of fun, love and smiles


There will be Turkey with all of the fixings for this special day’s meal

The little cousins will be playing and discussing whether Santa is or isn’t real


Yes if Christmas could only last all year I would have one happy spouse

For she truly makes our family happy when CHRISTMAS IS IN OUR HOUSE


From My World To Yours,

Merry Christmas

Bob Baker

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