Give up Which is Sad


Today I was sitting at a traffic light on a two lane small town road
When standing on the corner was a little woman with a heavy load

She looked to be aging from the weather and the harsh summer sun
But not from playing on the beach as most people do for fun

Her shoes were worn and tattered and T-shirt covered with dirt
I could tell by the way she was standing there her feet seemed to hurt

This tired little woman no telling how many miles she has roamed
How wonderful it might be for her to have a bath and her hair combed

Then maybe that isn’t what she seeks but just a life on the street alone
The reason she is pushing the cart with her stuff to me remains unknown

As the light turned green and I moved along with my daily life
I couldn’t stop wondering was she someone’s mother or their wife

Maybe her family was searching for her and wondering where she has gone
But then again maybe no one cares and are just glad she has moved along

Life’s not easy and gives us many turns some are good and some are bad
Sometimes people just can’t take the fight and just give up, which is sad

From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker

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