Evening News


There used to be a time that has all but gone away
It came on TV at the same time each and every day

It came every evening and was called the evening news
It was true and accurate reporting not a celebrity’s views

With all of the cable news upon us and so many hours to fill
TV news threw away the facts and have gone for show and frills

They have to show conspiracy and color it with outlandish dirt
They don’t seem to care about the truth or even who it hurts

They are only concerned about ratings and the ad money revenue
The least of their interest anymore seems to be if the story is true

It seems that news networks should spread honest and truthful words
Where people can feel they got the full story from the news they heard

But unfortunately true news standards have all vanished and gone away
So as you watch the news today sadly you can’t believe a word they say

From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker

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