A Child’s Tragedy

I opened my eyes today and saw the world for the first time

Looked around and saw a mommy and daddy who appeared to be mine


Everyone looked so happy that this day had finally arrived

I knew love is something that I would never be deprived


My world seemed so happy as I learned lots of new stuff

Then I’m not sure what happened but things seemed to get rough


My mommy wasn’t happy and daddy always was mad

Then this loving world of mine turned into a place very sad


All I wanted was a safe happy world to have as a home

You know a place I could be safe in to play and to roam


But this safe happy home has turned to terror and fear

Where every time my daddy is mad I cry when he comes near


I’m not sure what I did to deserve to be treated like this

But the mommy and daddy I used to know are really missed


The constant fighting and anger fill this house every day

Why can’t someone please make this pain and fear go away


Most of you can’t understand or believe the life I have to endure

But just look at your own town’s children and you will see me I’m sure


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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