A Home

We all have different opinions of what makes a house a home
They all may look a little different in every town we may roam

As we drive from town to town throughout this vast great land
We will see different kinds of houses from New York to Dixieland

Now some houses may be beautiful with a white painted picket fence
While others may be in need of repair that to us might make no sense

But we will never know what lies behind that front door and the walls
The love, fear or maybe the misfortune of the residents in them all

Some people feel that what makes a home is how big the structure stands
Where in fact what makes a house a home is the family’s loving hands

It doesn’t matter if the house has four rooms or maybe even ten
The house will only become a home from whatever lies within

A home is a place where love and joy and memories take first place
A place where children want to come home too for it is their safe space

A home is a loving place no matter whether it is big or small
Whether it sits on a quiet little street or high rise standing tall

So if you want your house to truly become a loving home today
It can only come from your heart within and not from where you stay

From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker

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