Newspaper Joy Lost

As I sit here in this quite hotel lobby I see a sad dying scene

Something very simple that bring great memories back to me


There upon the counter looking lonely and kind of sad

There sat the morning paper not one person wanted or had


There used to be a time when the paper started everyone’s day

The first thing each morning was to see what they had to say


The best part of my week was Sunday morning on the couch

My wife at one end with me and the news paper spread about


We would read each other stories of things around the town

And look and see how much pork chops were on sale a pound


The weekly ads were something that everyone talked about

You had to hurry to the Winn Dixie before sale items all ran out


You knew who was in the hospital and who had legal woes

You knew the football scores and who had a sale on clothes


Now we get our news online and from cable TV shows

No longer have a paper boy on his bike with newspapers to throw


Those days have disappeared now and never will return

The joy of reading the morning paper our kids will never learn


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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