Southern Culture

My Mother was always Momma and is until this day

My Father is Daddy and never called any another way


I never answered Momma not saying “Yes Mam” or “No Mam”

Always had Sunday dinner at noon with fried chicken or baked ham


I open doors for people who are behind me in the line

And always say “You’re welcome” and “Glad to anytime”


To every waitress in the restaurant “Honey” is my name

If you didn’t say “Thank you” Momma said “I’m so ashamed”


We all turn out for the funerals of everyone in our town

Doesn’t matter if you like them just look sad and have a frown


I always take time to give directions to strangers passing by

They always include a history of the road and I’m not sure why


Southerners they say don’t talk or tell a story very fast

I just like to color the picture so your enjoyment will long last


I work hard for my money and always take time to pray

This is just part of my southern culture I’m very proud to say


From My World to Yours,

Bo Baker

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