Screen Porch

There is something that has died but desperately needs to return
From this terrible mistake I hope there’s something we have learned

This simple little thing is needed to make everyone’s life complete
It is our own little world of solitude overlooking our little street

It is a part of American culture that sadly has died and gone away
And when we look at issues in this world this I feel is partly to blame

It gives you a place to enjoy your coffee, tea, wine or a beer
And the neighbor’s conversations you can secretly overhear

It is not an engineering marvel like a bridge or building built high
Just something very simple with a screen and some outdoor light

This is a place to just sit and maybe talk with family about your day
Without the TV blaring it’s distractions and getting in the way

It is a place that I do adore and think no one should ever live without
It’s just a simple little screen porch with rocking chairs on the front of everybody’s house

From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker

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