Dad had to Leave

I woke up this morning to a picture that brought back no memories to me

It was an old WW ll photograph of my father there smiling you see


I don’t remember anything or have memories about life with my Dad

As he was taken away so early by accident when I was only 4 how sad


They say that something good comes from each tragedy in our life

As it did when my father was taken by a gun shot not disease or a knife


My mother was left at that instant with six young children to feed

Where would she get food, shelter and clothes that we would need


She grew up in that instant when the police gave her the news

And to give up and lie in self pity is something she had to refuse


My mom became the strongest person I have ever been graced to know

She became both our mother and father attending sports and school shows


She taught us all to be fighters and in life to never give in

When things get tough as they will to reach down deep within


I have a great family and a bond that is stronger than most can believe

And in the end this may not have happened had my Dad not had to leave



From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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