Little Blue Pill

I sat down this morning with coffee in my hand

Turned on the news to check on news of the land


The first thing I saw an ad for a little blue pill

Guaranteed to change life and give you a thrill


It said that if you use this magic pill your life will renew

There would be joy in the bedroom more than you knew


I’m not sure of the joy they all were speaking about

But I wonder if it was healing my sore shoulder or gout


As an old couple with little energy and lot’s of aches and pains

Taking a pill that does what they say to me seems a little insane


Not sure what I would do for fours hours with a condition as such

But if it only lasted four minutes might still be way too much


So I sit there and contemplate going to buy the little blue pill today

I think I’ll just go make me some breakfast probably safer that way


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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