The Season Has Begun

Thanksgiving Day is now over and the season has begun

People now rush the stores buying gifts for their loved ones


They buy toys for the kids they love and clothes for older ones

Maybe planning a trip far away to visit their daughters and sons


Christmas season is such a special time for my family and for me

It is a time my wife loves to decorate the house and the Christmas tree


There will be ribbons and garland everywhere throughout our family home

Christmas music is playing throughout air in every room you may roam


We will be making plans for our Christmas not sure yet what they will be

Maybe travel to see the kids or maybe they’ll come here we’ll have to see


You see Christmas time is not about the gifts or all the flickering lights

It’s about being with family and friends that bring all the joy into our life


As I grow older in life the material possessions mean a lot less to me

It’s all about the love of your family that’s important I’ve learned to see


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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