TV Gadgets

I love watching those TV commercials early morning every day

The things that they sell that will surely change our life in every way


Today I saw something amazing that will change something we do

It is a pot with a swivel strainer for making potatoes for your stew


This pot has a strainer that swivels when you pour water in the sink

The girl says it changed her life pouring out the water in just a blink


Now I took a moment to ponder things that could change my life

Things of real importance that could remove the stress and strife


I thought of different things I could purchase to make life easy for me

I could buy that electric chair to help climb up and down stairs with ease


Then I would buy the knives they sell that will cut up tomatoes and steel

So after cutting up the salad for supper I could chop the wood, no big deal


Then I could get the new gadget I bought that will entertain the cat

Instead of letting the cat go outside to chase away the bugs and rats


As I get ready to buy these amazing gadgets, that look so cool to me

Then testosterone in a bottle appears, Yeah that’s what I really need


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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