Great Song

We all have our days when things seem to bring you down

Your life seems in shambles with problems and no way around


You walk through the door and wander aimlessly to your car

Crank up your private haven and just want drive away far


When the car door shuts and you are there in silence all alone

Away from the outside world problems and away from the phone


It doesn’t take long before you forget things that are wrong

Because we crank up the music and play our favorite song


That song may be about a love or a special time from your past

That song may be a slow heart wrenching ballad or rock and roll fast


It doesn’t matter the music as we all have our own style

Some of us like the classics and others like loud and wild


But one thing is for sure when things in my life seem to go wrong

Nothing cures my problems better than cranking up loud a great song


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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