Reach For The Sky

We have all had times in life when we were just afraid to fail

And give others an embarrassing story about you for them to go and tell

We knew in our heart that we wanted to just take that leaping chance

May have been asking someone in high school if they wanted to dance

For some of us the scare of failure comes along in our career

And for others it is investing for their future is what they seem to fear

It may be something as simple as walking alone down the dark street

Or afraid to give your opinion afraid of what others may think

Life is full of failures and successes we experience along the way

But living life afraid to take a chance is not how to live your day

Throughout my life I have experienced joyous times beyond belief

But along the way there were others when I experienced very deep grief

Through all the failures I’ve had in life and there’s been too many to count

The lessons I learned from failures were without a doubt most paramount

So as you go out and face the world today just look failure dead in the eye

Say to yourself I will win today and not fear failure and reach for the sky

From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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