Merry Christmas

Christmas time is approaching fast and soon to be upon me once again

Time to go shopping for needless gifts for people I see every now and then


I wonder through the stores and online seeking for something unique

I drive myself crazy deciding on something they may want to keep


So I buy these folks something they don’t want and will never use again

But what the hell I’m off the hook and now that problem belongs to them


But I love to get up Christmas morning so happy the day has finally arrived

And we will gather around the Christmas tree lit up with Christmas lights


There is nothing in the world so pleasing to me as this morning once a year

Just having my family all here with me laughing and full of Christmas cheer


The true meaning of Christmas soon takes over and again I always see the light

That the reason for the season is to celebrate birth of Jesus on that glorious night


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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