Bright Blue Morning Sky

As I set out this morning driving and gazed at the road ahead
What I was admiring made me forget where the highway led
It was something that was marvelous and I was fortunate to see
An unusual blue sky that was cloudless and beautiful beyond belief
I found myself captivated and enchanted at such a beautiful site
An couldn’t help but be thankful for a sky so blue and so bright
As I gazed I started thinking about all of life’s true fulfilling gifts
Some we take for granted like viewing water fall over a mountain cliff
As we go through life we all see things of beauty each and every day
But sadly in our busy world we just pass them as we go our way
So just try to slow down a little and view the world as it goes by
And you too might get to see a BRIGHT BLUE MORNING SKY
From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker
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