Thick Morning Fog

As I walked out the door today at the rise of the dawn
It was impossible to see the beautiful lake out beyond
The fog was so thick you could not see 3 feet ahead
Kind of like the days in our life that we seem to dread
Some days we awake and have a clear few of our path
While other days just seem like we are receiving God’s wrath
Sometimes it’s like when thick winter fog covers the ground
You are searching for answers to problems that never are found
You try but your vision’s so cloudy from the thick dew in the air
And you look around for help but you can’t see anyone there
But like life the fog will lift and disappear as the sun begins to rise
And you will have clear skies and sunshine in front of your eyes
So the next time you wake up feeling there is just to much to bear
The morning fog will soon lift and leave blue skies everywhere
From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker
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