Cancer Checkup Day

A cancer survivor just got great news and chose to share online
I feel a great relief and joy when this happens each and every time

People that have not fought the fight will never quite understand
How the fight against this terrible foe seems to follow you till life’s end

You finish the painful treatments that were extremely hard to endure
Now things in everyday life have become so precious that’s for sure

You dread the time when you have to walk again through the doctor’s door
And lie awake the night before praying for good news if only just once more

I’ve fought this battle in my mind over and over for a long fifteen years
But even today when my checkup is clear I still can’t stop the joyous tears

Then I thank God for giving me the chance to enjoy life just one more day
And knowing that I’m now clear and good to go for six more months anyway

From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker


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