Rekindle the Love

Unfortunately, some will awaken today with turmoil in their life
Terrible turmoil caused by friction between a husband and a wife
Things that were said in anger that ate away a partner’s loving heart
Things you thought could never be said when this marriage it did start
But over time together sometimes love just seems to begin to die
But instead of calling it quits just take time and ask yourself why
We all have times in our marriage when things seem to go astray
We have different opinions on issues and each of us want our own way
Nobody promised marriage is easy or some luscious pie in the sky
But through a marriage’s trails and tribulations a love it will fortify
So look back who you fell in love with on the day you said I do
And remember the love on that day that existed between them and you
So look your loved one in the eyes and seek the passion that seems lost
For to rekindle the lost love and passion once had is worth all imaginable cost
From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker

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