They Face the Fear


She grabs her bag and walks out the door in scrubs and clip in her hair

Not knowing what she faces at the hospital when she arrives there


I see in her eyes a new concern and a certain amount of fear

For years when she left for work it was smiles and fear was not near


This is the new life of our nurses and doctors now fighting each day

They know they have a job to do and with family they can’t stay


Each day they leave their own life behind and do as they’re trained

As they set out to suit up and do what is needed to defeat this viral strain


Not everyone they treat will make it home and back to their family and life

But warriors on the front line hopefully will return home to husband or wife


So pray for my wife and all of the others that to the sickly they tirelessly tend

And pray this terrible episode of our lives will soon be over and come to an end


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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