Someone To Blame

The bombs fell that peaceful morning on the island paradise
And America was facing a new enemy and war much to our surprise
The planes controlled by maddened terrorists came violently from the sky
And America was facing disaster within happening right before our eyes
Now we are at war again but this time not from human foe
But from a terrible virus running rampant as it continues to grow
In times of trouble in the past together Americans we would band
But it seems to me this time is different which I can’t understand
It seems some people are willing to watch our country be destroyed
Having no concern for the millions of people out there unemployed
They fight in congress and in the press trying to find someone to blame
Instead of acting like adults and stop playing their childish political game
No one even the President has all the answers and this too they could not foresee
So let’s focus on a solution and successes and make things better for you and me
From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker


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