Celebrate Your Mom


The day is now upon us to celebrate our mothers once again

For without these beautiful creatures’ life would never even begin


Mothers are the wonderful gifts from God that give new life each day

They are the ones that nurture and guide us each until we learn our way


Some mothers they gave us life, while others answered a needed call

Some mothers are ours naturally and to others are not natural at all


Our mothers whether through natural birth or need, we love with all our heart

And the strong love between a mother and child should never ever fall apart


There are times in life when Mothers and children seem to strongly disagree

But when I look back upon those times in my life I’m glad Mom felt different than me


My Mom was strong and had a firm stance on things both right and wrong

But she taught us kids to be honest, good and in life you must be strong


So as you celebrate your Mom today remember the things that she did good

For her main purpose in this world is to teach you to live life as you should


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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