Little Memories

I was talking with the kids today about their baby that’s on the way
We were talking about what they can expect about their future days
It brought back memories of when our daughter was young and still at home
The little things like watching her Momma brush her hair with the silver comb
How she would squirm and fuss when on a tangle the comb would get caught
She would run to me and hide from Momma and the mean ole comb she thought
The nights when we would all just lie in bed and she would talk about her day
Telling us in detail about what she did and what her friends all had to say
It was about watching her at the games out there cheering with her friends
Cheer leading the home town football team on hopefully to another win
It’s about all of the little things of her growing up that no money can afford
Like the bright sunny Sunday at the lake when she gave her life to the Lord
No monetary value can be placed on little memories that occurred each day
As they always did and continue still today even after her Mom and I gave her away
From My World to Yours,
Bob Baker

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