Highway 741


If we all would drive the back roads of this great land in which we live

And slow down and take in the sites and beauty they all have to give


We all would find the turmoil that we are battered with from the news

Simply seems to not exist in small towns where people have wholesome views


As I drove the country road through farm land from Strasburg to the town of Gap

I couldn’t help but think how happy we all would be if we traveled without a map


I was heading south from the north to my home in the little town in which I live

The only think that I really needed was the guidance the sun had to give


The sun was setting in the west so as I drove, I just kept it to my right

Instead of driving the interstate with maps I take the time to see the sites


Little known places like the Dutch Wonderland or town of Bird in Hand

Until you take the time to slow down and see these you will never understand


So get in the car turn the radio off and stay on the two lane roads just for fun

And if you are in Pennsylvania be sure to take the drive on beautiful Highway 471


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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