If My Loved One passed Away


I was leisurely driving slowly down a beautiful country road

When I came upon a fork and not real sure which way to go


I looked at my passenger as she calmly pointed me the way

With her usual smile and gesture didn’t need anything to say


You see we have been together for the biggest part of our life

First we met and were lovers then became a husband and wife


This got me to thinking about how to each we tend to grow

And after a lifetime together how one day one of us must go


What in life will be different when your loved one passes away

All of sudden there will not a be passenger smiling and pointing the way


The simple conversations about things that really don’t mean a whole lot

Or going with them to buy new plants for the yard or again maybe not


Yes it is the simple things we do together I would miss most I must say

IF the good Lord called her today and My Loved One Passed Away


From My World to Yours,

Bob Baker

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