Ariana Elizabeth

I never knew such joy I see when I look into your shining little eyes

The little movements of your hands and feet just a sweet surprise

As I look at your pictures each day from Mom you will never know the joy

Greater than a little boy on Christmas Day getting a brand new toy

Yes, little one the joy you bring to us is way beyond compare

The only thing that breaks my heart is we are here and you are there

You will grow through life into a woman one day and it will come way to fast

So just always follow your dreams and never quit and life will be unsurpassed

Yes, there will be times that Mom, Dad and you will not see eye to eye

But always remember they will be there for you so spread your wings and fly

Oh, my little one if you only knew of life’s adventures that surely lie ahead

Some will be full of joy and laughter yet there will be others that you will dread

But for now you just lie there and look beautiful for us little Ariana Elizabeth

And remember you have a family that will always love you until our last breath

From My World to Yours,

Big Daddy

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